cPanel's Cron Jobs Feature

Crons jobs are ‘time-based jobs’ for your account. Through cron jobs, you can have simple commands and scripts running at a scheduled time. You can set them very easily in cPanel, which is present within the control panel. 


Get Access to the Cron Jobs Application

Access your cPanel account, then click the Cron Jobs icon under the Advanced Section. Use the Search Bar, in case you can’t find it. 

Set-up an e-mail address for the cron

Here you will have the choice to set an email address, on which you would prefer receiving notifications whenever any cron runs. If you don’t want an email notification of it, you can redirect the croon’s output in your script:mycommand >/dev/null 2>&1

Choose cron schedule and input script

You can set the general settings from the drop down menu, and set schedules separately according to minutes, hours, days, months, and weeks. Commands or scripts that you want to run, can be added at the bottom of the window. e.g., sh /user/public_html/  or rm -rf /user/public_html/tmp/*)

Edit or Remove Existing Cron Jobs

Once the cron is added, you can set your active crons at the bottom of the page, and you can then edit or delete them as needed.

Any cron jobs listed under Current Cron Jobs will be automatically executed according to the timing set for that job.

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