Changing the Default PHP version in cPanel

We maintain our servers on the most current supported version of PHP, but you can always change the PHP version that you want your cPanel to run. 

Please use the step wise guide given below, to make changes in your cPanel account for your domains. But before you proceed any further, there are few important things that you need to know. 

What Happens When You Change The Default PHP Version?

As soon as you change the default PHP version on your shared or reseller servers, every domain that is set to inherit the PHP version will automatically update itself. Only those domains, that are set to inherit any changes to in the PHP version, will be changed. Websites that have updated CMS softwares like WordPress or Joomla with up-to-date plugins, modules, etc., have little to no chance of having any trouble when there’s a change in PHP version. 

The PHP version of your domain can be determined from your cPanel account.

  1. Go to the cPanel’s Software Section and choose MultiPHP Manager to further use the MultiPHP Manager interface:

  2. The MultiPHP Manager will show a list of all of your cPanel account’s domains, with their selected PHP versions in the next columnThe domains that are set to inherit the default PHP version, will appear like in the image below:

  3. The current default PHP version details on the server, will be visible on the top of the MultiPHP Manager page, right above the domains list. It is called the System PHP version as apparent in the following image:


Change the PHP version of a domain:

If you are required to change the PHP version of your domain/domains’ use/uses, follow the steps below:

Important Note: You can change the PHP version of your websites individually by their domain names. 

Following are the steps:

We recommend that all of our clients keep their sites up to date and compatible with the latest stable PHP version. Although we are planning to keep legacy PHP versions available on our servers as long as cPanel provides support for them, please use this grace period wisely and update your site software to the latest stable version of PHP as soon as possible to ensure continued site functionality.

  1. Go to cPanel’s Software Section, then choose MultiPHP Manager:

  2. Select the domain/domains from the list, which you want to change to a desired PHP version. See below:

  3. Choose the PHP version, that you want to set from the drop down menu on the right hand side, again each domain and click Apply:

  4. The domains with the set changes will be visible now, along with their respective PHP versions in the list as below:

    If you need any further information about upgrading PHP version process, feel free to write to us at (for any information).

    You can also reach out to us through ticket, live chat, our help line number +1(786) 579 9161, or email us at (for any technical support).




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